Harry Fisher Associates represents the following manufacturers:

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Alcad StandBy Batteries

AlcadNiCad & Lead Acid Standby Batteries, Battery Chargers, Battery Racks, Containment Systems, Safety Equipment & Accessories.


Cableform Digital DC controls for Hoist and Travel Motions. Solid-State IGBT Magnet Controllers.


FormexTransformer Pads, Duct Spacers, Bore Spacers, & Duct Terminators

Gleason Reel

GleasonCable & Hose Reels, Cord Reels, Festoon & Powertrak Systems, Tool Balancers, Torque Reels, Static Discharge Reels, Rotary & Cam Limit Switches.

HDT Nordic Air

HDTRugged , Heavy Duty Industrial Air Conditioners for abusive environments.

Hubbell Industrial Controls

HubbellAutomatic & Manual Transfer Switches, Power Resistors, Motor Controls, Crane Controls, Pendant Stations, Radio Remote Controls, Hot Metal Sensors .

Hubbell Workplace-Solutions

HubbellProducts to assist with workplace Ergonomics ad Safety; Workbench Accessories, Tool Balancers, Torque Arms, Boom & Jibs, Tool Support Rail, Mobile Carts, Document Stands.


KabeltecCable for Heavy Duty Mill Environments, Applicatio Include Cable Reels, Powertraks, Pendants and Festoon Systems, Cables for Power, Control and Encoders.


KineticsDC Power Supplies, 1 to 2000Kw Rectifiers, Synchronous Motor Exciters.


OlsunDry Type Transformers, 5 VA – 10 MVA through 34.5 KV, Drive Isolation, Substation, Cast Coil, Chokes & Reactors, Load Break Switches, Unit Substations.

TransTech of S.C.

TransTech(Acquired from Delta Star) Engineered Conductor Systems (Collector Rail) & Components for Cranes, Hoist, Conveyors & Other Applications.


WinkleLifting Devices; Lifting Magnets, Ladle Hooks, Hook Blocks, Spreader Beams, Tong Grabs, Coil Grabs & Coil Lifters and more. Crane Products; Crane Brakes, Brake Shoes, Cable Drums, Limit Stops, Cable Reels, Cutler Hammer Parts and more. Mill Equipment; Walking Beams, Transfer Cars etc. Remanufacture and Repair Service; for all the above and more.

HFA Products

  • Batteries
  • Battery Chargers
  • Brake Parts
  • Cab Heaters
  • Cable & Hose Reels
  • Collector Rail
  • Festoon Systems
  • JIB Kits
  • Lifting Devices
  • Lifting Magnets
  • Mill Duty HVAC
  • Motor Control
  • Powertrak
  • Rectifiers
  • Tool Balancers
  • Transformers
  • Wire & Cable
  • Workbench Accessories